Roses Kiara Super (8 blooms)

ORIGIN: South America BRAND: KIARA TYPE: Super BLOOM SIZE: Diameter approx 5-5.5cm, height 4-5cm​​​​​. QTY BLOOMS PER UNIT: 8 blooms. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: -The generic picture does show leaves, but the roses do not have leaves. -The stem is about 0.5cm, just enough to wire the roses. -Non-edible, and for decorative purposes only. CARE TIPS: -Avoid direct sunlight, the roses are made for indoor use only. -Do not water the preserved roses. -The preferred storage humidity is less than 80%. -The preferred storage temperature is 18-22 degrees Celcius. DIY TIPS: - How to use your preserved roses as a focal flower. No stem? No problem! - How to reflex a preserved rose.

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